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Unemployment Rate for Doncaster North is amongst the worst in the country

Unemployment Rate for Doncaster North

Unemployment Rate

Doncaster North

The UK unemployment rate is estimated at 3.9%; while in Doncaster North the unemployment rate is amongst the worst in the country at 7.2%. This is 54% Above the National Average.

The Official Labour Market Statistics (from Nomis) for Doncaster North Constituency state: Between July 2018 and June 2019, the Average Unemployment Rate is 7.2%.

For Yorkshire and The Humber (of which we are part of) the Average Unemployment Rate is 4.5%.

Without Doncaster North, the Yorkshire and The Humber would be below the National Average.

We have been Neglected by our Current Member of Parliament whilst our neighbours have prospered.

I will make this my top priority, sustainable jobs for North Doncaster

We need sustainable jobs - We do have the same supply routes as Doncaster Central and Don Valley, over the last 10 yeaars they have prospered, whilst we have laid dormant, there is only one man to blame for this...

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The Floods of Doncaster North

Unemployment Rate for Doncaster North

Andy Sand-bagging

After the disaster of the Floods in 2007, our Member of Parliament assured the people of North Doncaster, this will not happen again!

And here we are again!

The Press are calling it "A Total Mis-Management"

Enough said really

"Flooding caused by poor management and floodplain building, say experts"

"Poor management of the rural landscape along with global heating and building on floodplains are the main factors that led to the floods that have engulfed towns in northern England, according to experts."

The Guardian

Social Housing!

Unemployment Rate for Doncaster North

Social Housing

Social Housing, the Government has requested we build 20,000 new Social houses, where are they?

In 2017 the Government decided to build three million social homes to solve housing crisis, great news, the Government urged their Members of Parliament to invest in major housebuilding programmes, Fantastic, the government then abolished a long-standing cap on how much councils are allowed to borrow through their Housing Revenue Accounts (HRAs). Brilliant News

Given our Unemployment level, Doncaster North should be a top priority! But Where Are They? I do not see any major developments at all, and neither do you!

Our Member of Parliament should have been straight in there when the cash was on offer, "me first", by the time we get round to doing something, the cash will have run out.

We Need Social Housing

The Police Station Closures

Bentley Police Station

All Our local Police Stations have closed ! Bentley Police Station is just one which has been closed, the reason to "Save Money". It was put up for Auction with a guide price of $225,000 with a description of "HUGE DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR UP TO 10 FLATS. Former Police Station in highly desirable area in Doncaster on a main road."

This is prime Real Estate, sold off cheap by Auction!

Now the Government have announced they are putting 20,000 Police back on the streets, where will they go? Not Bentley or any other now former Police Station in our Area!

I will enlighten you - New police station and custody suite planned for Doncaster

South Yorkshire Police is currently in the process of acquiring a piece of land on College Road from Doncaster Council in order to build a new police station and custody suite for the town.

Now this whole sinks to me, How do you feel, this needs a full investigation

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It's About Brexit, Stupid!

Nigel Farge Doncaster

Nigel Farge Doncaster

Office Grand Opening

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We Need You

The Brexit Party Doncaster are looking to recruit volenteers, even if it is a couple of hours. We need volenteers to man our stalls and to go canvassing throughout the Doncaster Area. When we win the Election you can be satisfied that you contributed to "Changing Politics for Good".

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